Advanced French Dictée Exercises

This is a set of 20 advanced level dictées. These dictations are short dialogues between two people, read by François, a native Parisian. The dialogues are read slowly first and then even more slowly to give you time to write them down. Punctuation and links (liaisons) between words are pronounced. English translations are included. 👇Scroll downContinue reading “Advanced French Dictée Exercises”

Intermediate French Dictée Exercises

This is a set of upper-intermediate level dictées. 20 dictations are included in this resource by Jennifer @ LLL French Academy. Each exercise is an exchange between two people (both read by Jennifer). These dictées are 2 – 3 sentences in length. Many tenses are used as well as pronouns. Dictation exercises are an excellent way toContinue reading “Intermediate French Dictée Exercises”