Intermediate French Grammar Review

👇 Jennifer describes this intermediate French grammar review 👇 This thorough intermediate level French review includes: Seven 30 minute review videos covering 600 review questions Grammar questions, answers, and explanations given in English 18 video lessons and 20 printable study guides for grammar topics Preview LLL’s Intensive Review Course C’EST vs IL EST 👇 Listen to Jennifer’s explanation of this grammarContinue reading “Intermediate French Grammar Review”

Level B1 – French Listening Comprehension Exercise

Listening comprehension is often one of the most difficult skills to develop, and that’s why it’s so important to expose yourself to spoken French as frequently as possible. In this exercise, listening comprehension and grammar skills combine forces! The reading that you will listen to includes many verbs in the imparfait, futur simple, and conditionnel (among other tenses). ThisContinue reading “Level B1 – French Listening Comprehension Exercise”

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