LLL French Academy

Believe in your FRENCH self. Become your FRENCH self.

  1. Do you find it interesting to learn something new every week with Jennifer on YouTube?
  2. Do you appreciate knowing who to turn to when you need a teacher you can trust?
  3. Do you feel that French doesn’t have to be as hard when Jennifer makes it simple?
  4. Have you been filling up notebooks taking notes and writing down Jennifer’s examples?
  5. Are you ready to take the next step toward becoming your FRENCH self?

French 1

This level recognizes basic knowledge. It is the most basic level at which a language is used. At this stage, the learner can speak about himself or herself and his or her environment. Click here for A1 lessons.

French 2

This level recognizes the competency of a basic learner who can communicate in a simple manner about routine tasks using common polite phrases and exchanges of information. Click here for A2 lessons.

French 3

This level recognizes learners who have become independent while maintaining interaction. Learners can understand and maintain discussions and give opinions. Click here for B1 lessons.

French 4

Learners at this level have a degree of fluency and independence which allows the construction of arguments to defend opinions, explain viewpoints, and negotiate. Click here for B2 lessons.

Let’s speak French together.

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