French Language Learning and Teaching Resources

Learn French while curled up on your cozy sofa, taking a break from your busy day at work, on your morning commute, or even still in your pjs after that essential first cup of café au lait. Choose one of the options below to get started, and don’t feel rushed. All lessons are designed for you to learn at your own pace at the LLL French Academy.

“As a French learner, I have to say, I’ve  bought a few programs.  I’ve  hunted  and tried many, but this purchase was by far one of the most awesome values and educational courses I’ve found. Thank you so very much for all your dedication to your product.” 
– Robin, Ontario

You love teaching French, but how can you fit in some YOU time with all of the prep and demands of teaching full-time in the classroom? LLL has you covered with all the resources you need from primary, secondary, and even advanced French. So go grab a cuppa and have a browse around my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

“I’ve used so many of these bundles over the course of the year and love them! They’re super easy to integrate into your language lessons!– Jillian H.

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