French Days of the Week Vocabulary

Practice and master this vocabulary on Quizlet Les jours de la semaine  – Days of the week The first day of the week is Monday in French. Days of the week are not capitalized in French. lundi Monday mardi Tuesday mercredi Wednesday jeudi Thursday vendredi Friday samedi Saturday dimanche Sunday Additional vocabulary les jours deContinue reading “French Days of the Week Vocabulary”

French Vocabulary Coronavirus Pandemic

Practice and master this vocabulary on QUIZLET 👉Scroll down to watch a Coronavirus Alert that I filmed from my balcony in France 👈 un virus virus une épidémie epidemic une pandémie pandemic la quarantaine quarantine rester chez soi stay at home un couvre-feu curfew le confinement confinement une attestation document les urgences emergency room l’hôpitalContinue reading “French Vocabulary Coronavirus Pandemic”

Countries, Nationalities and Languages in French

In this lesson we will talk about countries, nationalities and languages in French.  You will learn to say what your nationality is, the names and genders of countries and continents in French, and what languages are spoken in the countries you will learn.  I will teach you how to say that you are going toContinue reading “Countries, Nationalities and Languages in French”

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