Listening Comprehension of French Numbers

Les Numéros de Téléphone

Listening Comprehension of French Numbers

It’s hard to wrap your head around French numbers. It takes time to understand spoken numbers 1 – 100.  A great way to practice understanding numbers that you hear is to write down phone numbers as you hear them pronounced.  

French phone numbers are composed of 10 digits.  French speakers tend to give out their phone number in 2 digit intervals, which makes this activity perfect for anyone wanting to master listening comprehension.

The phone number 06 42 54 80 16 would be spoken like this:

zero, six (06), quarante-deux (42), cinquante-quatre (54), quatre-vingts (80), seize (16)

Use this free dictation exercise @ LLL French Academy to practice and help you to master listening comprehension of French numbers 1 – 100.


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