10 Mots du Jour – L’hôtel 2 – Hotel 2

C’est la liste du mercredi 30 juin 2021. Here are your 10 French words of the day about Hotels. Love Learning Languages offers quick French vocabulary lists or 10 Mots du Jour every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday. Each set follows a different theme, today the 10 French vocabulary words are about Hotels. Self learning advice: if you want the words to stick better, use them all week a couple of times a day. Create conversation in French in your mind if you have no option to speak French!

Le savais-tu? L’année 2020 a été difficile pour les hôtels en France, comme partout. Cette année les hôtels affichent complet dans de nombreuses régions. Les Français vont rester en France encore cette année et la France est toujours la destination numéro 1 en Europe, du coup les professionnel sont satisfaits. Et toi, quand tu voyages, tu préfères descendre dans un hôtel, louer un appartement ou une maison ou bien aller dans un gîte?

Did you know? The year 2020 was difficult for hotels in France, as it was everywhere. This year, hotels are fully booked in many regions. The French will stay in France again this year and France is still the number 1 destination in Europe, so professionals are satisfied. And you, when you travel, do you prefer to stay in a hotel, to rent an apartment or a house, or to go to a B&B?

With LLL, each week you get 3 downloadable lists of the words in French and English, a “Did you know?” in French and a Quizlet study set to learn, practice, and master them all. Quizlet is a platform for learning vocabulary that’s based on flashcards, but what has really made an impression on me is how fun it makes learning new language content! Click here for details.

Does subscribing to LLL’s French Program for Self-Learners give me access to the 10 Mots du Jour?

No, the 10 Mots du Jour are only available to LLL supporters on Patreon and are not part of LLL French Academy resources.

How do I access previous sets of 10 Mots du Jour?

Once you’ve logged in to your Patreon account, you can do a search using the tag words mot du jour.

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