L’Automne – Mini French Dialogue about Autumn

Practice your French as you read and listen to a one page dialogue between two people talking about l’automne. To access this free resource, you must be logged in to your LLL French Academy account. It’s free to sign up! You may also enjoy a French Fall Vocabulary list with 32 words and images.

Short dialogues like this one show you how to use the futur simple in meaningful context. Verbs written in the futur simple are in bold print. The length is just right so that it isn’t overwhelming while practicing speaking for fluency and listening comprehension. The vocabulary and grammar used in this dialogue is at an intermediate / high intermediate level.

Step 1: Listen to the audio recording which is a short dialogue between two people. See how much you can understand without reading the text.

Step 2: Read the text as you listen to the audio recording, and circle the words you didn’t hear the first time you listened.

Step 3: Listen to the audio recording one more time and see if you can now understand everything.

Step 4: Read the dialogue aloud to practice speaking and pronunciation.

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