Beginner French Review – Regular French verbs in the present, passé composé, and futur proche tenses

Practice regular French verbs using this proven method

Circling is the instructional practice of asking a series of prescribed questions in the target language about a statement in the target language. Circling is used to provide students with contextualized repetitions of target structures. Research shows that language learners need between 70-150 repetitions of a structure in order to acquire it into their permanent vocabulary. Click here for an A2 level activity that includes pronouns and more advanced grammar.

🎥 Scroll down to watch my video tutorial using this method at the A1 level 🎥

How this activity works:

  • I speak a sentence 👉 Je garde mes petites soeurs tous les jours.
  • I then ask you to restate the sentence using a different subject pronoun 👉 Nous (for example)
  • You restate the full sentence making necessary changes 👉 Nous gardons nos petites soeurs tous les jours.

This lesson focuses on six regular French verbs, possessive adjectives, and other frequently used words that you will acquire through meaningful repetition. Each sentence is spoken in the present, passé composé, and futur proche tenses both with and without negation.


  1. Full length downloadable video circling activity – 20 minutes
  2. Full length downloadable audio circling activity – 18 minutes
  3. Practice cards for online use to work on reading and writing – 108 cards

👉 Step 1: Watch the video lesson / activity to learn about the circling method. You will quickly catch on, and will truly need to concentrate so that you can make the necessary changes in your sentences. Does this ever happen to you when speaking French with someone? You can understand what’s being said, but you can’t think fast enough to make the necessary changes when responding? That’s exactly why you should try out circling!

👉 Step 2: Once you’ve watched the video and have done the exercise while reading along, try out the audio only version! This will be a challenge as you will not be able to see the words, and it will help with listening and speaking skills.

👉 Step 3: Use the set of cards to practice reading and writing. Read the card that I would have spoken to you in steps 1 and 2, and take the time to write your response before looking at the answer card. As the cards are not numbered, I encourage you to download them and use them online rather than printing.

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