French Listening Comprehension for Beginners

Have you learned all or most of the French grammar you see on the list below? Do you find it easier to read and write than to speak and understand when being spoken to? Listening comprehension takes a ton of practice. Watch Jennifer’s first lesson on listening comprehension for beginners in the video below. This is the French course for you if you have studied a lot of basic grammar, and you need to practice putting it all together. Maybe you have some knowledge of French grammar, but you have difficulty creating solid sentences. In this course you will learn a lot about all of those “extra” words that pop up everywhere in French (and why they’re there).

This is an upper beginner level French listening comprehension course. Ten lessons are included for a total of 2.5 + hours of video instruction. Each comprehensive lesson includes French grammar unique to the A1 level (see grammar specifics below).

This lesson is included in my BUNDLED FRENCH LESSONS.

Each lesson covers a different theme, but the grammar used is repeated in different contexts lesson to lesson all the while adding new elements from the list.

In each lesson:

  • Jennifer does a first reading of the text on video
  • Jennifer asks 5 comprehension questions and you begin to answer
  • Jennifer does a second reading of the text on video
  • Jennifer shows you the 5 comprehension questions in written form and you finish answering
  • Jennifer goes over all 5 questions and answers with you
  • Jennifer leads you through a comprehensive grammatical analysis of the text

Each video lesson lasts approximately fifteen minutes. PDFs of the texts in French with English translations as well as the 5 listening comprehension questions are provided for you to print out and perhaps take notes on as you take each lesson.

This French listening comprehension course for beginners covers the grammar on the list below:

  • French subject pronouns
  • Stressed pronouns
  • Articles: Definite, indefinite and partitives
  • Plural nouns
  • Possessive adjectives
  • Prepositions of location
  • Numbers
  • Time, days, months
  • French verb ALLER
  • French verb ÊTRE
  • French verb AVOIR + expressions
  • French verb FAIRE + expressions
  • French verb PRENDRE
  • French verb METTRE
  • Descriptive adjectives
  • Questions
  • Il faut / Il ne faut pas
  • Themed vocabulary

There is a lot included in the lessons that isn’t on this list. Don’t worry, these are new things you will learn during our time together. Have a look at the first lesson in the following video.

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