Regular French -ER Verbs

Regular French -ER Verbs

198 common regular French -ER verbs

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abandonner to abandon
abonner to subscribe
aboyer to bark
accepter to accept
accoucher to give birth
accuser to accuse
acheter to buy
additionner to add
affirmer to assure
afficher to post
agacer to annoy
agréer to agree
ajouter to add
alimenter to feed
améliorer to improve
amener to bring
appeler to call
approuver to approve
arrêter to stop
arroser to water
assassiner to assassinate
attaquer to attack
attirer to attract
attraper to catch
autoriser to authorize
avaler to swallow
avancer to move forward
bailler to yawn
baisser to lower
balader to take for a walk
balancer to swing
balayer to sweep
barrer to cross out
bavarder to chat
bercer to rock
blesser to hurt
botter to boot
bouder to pout
boucher to clog
brancher to plug
brosser to brush
calculer to calculate
caresser to caress
changer to change
chercher to look for
chuchoter to whisper
colorier to color
commencer to start
communiquer to communicate
congeler to freeze
conseiller to advise
contacter to contact
consommer to consume
contrôler to control
copier to copy
écouter to listen
coucher to spend the night
créer to create
croquer to take a bite
cuisiner to cook
danser to dance
déborder to overflow
débrouiller to manage
décider to decide
découper to cut
dégoûter to disgust
déguster to savor
déjeuner to have lunch
déménager to move house
dessiner to draw
dévorer to devour
digérer to digest
discuter to discuss
distinguer to distinguish
diviser to divide
doucher to shower
échanger to exchange
éclairer to light
écouter to listen
effacer to erase
éliminer to eliminate
embrasser to kiss
emmener to take (transport)
empêcher to prevent
encourager to cheer
engueuler to scold
enregistrer to record
enseigner to teach
entraîner to coach
envelopper to wrap
envoyer to send
épeler to spell
épouser to marry
éternuer to sneeze
étudier to study
exciter to get someone worked up
exploser to explode
fabriquer to manufacture
fatiguer to tire
filmer to film
flotter to float
forcer to force
frapper to hit
frotter to scrub, to rub
fumer to smoke
fréquenter to frequent
gâcher to spoil
gagner to win
garder to keep
gêner to disturb
gonfler to inflate
gratter to scratch
grignoter to snack, to nibble
gronder to rumble, to scold
habiller to dress
hacher to chop
halluciner to hallucinate
hurler to scream
ignorer to ignore
impressionner to impress
imprimer to print
inquiéter to worry
installer to install
intéresser to interest
interviewer to interview
inventer to invent
jeter to throw
jouer to play
juger to judge
jurer to swear
kiffer to enjoy
lâcher to let go
lasser to bore
lancer to throw
laver to wash
lécher to lick
lutter to fight
livrer to deliver
marcher to walk
manger to eat
mâcher to chew
mélanger to mix
monter to climb
murmurer to whisper
nager to swim
naviguer to navigate
neiger to snow
noyer to drown
obliger to force
observer to observe
occuper to occupy
ôter to take off
pardonner to forgive
partager to share
passer to pass
payer to pay
pencher to tilt
plaisanter to joke
posséder to possess
préférer to prefer
prêter to lend
promener to walk (dog)
protéger to protect
quitter to leave
ramasser to pick up
rappeler to recall
récupérer to get back
refuser to refuse
remercier to thank
réparer to repair
reposer to rest
respecter to respect
réveiller to wake
rêver to dream
saigner to bleed
saler to salt
sauter to jump
serrer to squeeze
siffler to whistle
souhaiter to wish
stopper to stop
suggérer to suggest
supprimer to remove
taper to hit
téléphoner to phone
terminer to finish
tomber to fall
toucher to touch
tousser to cough
tuer to kill
utiliser to use
valider to validate
veiller to make sure
violer to rape
visser to screw
voter to vote
voyager to travel
zapper to zap

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