Passé Composé with ÊTRE

Passé Composé with ÊTRE

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Reflexive verbs in the passé composé with être


6 of my favorite resources for teaching the passé composé with être and avoir

Passé Composé with ÊTRE:  These verbs use être as helping verb in the passé composé.  Those highlighted in red can also use avoir as helping verb sometimes (when followed by a direct object).  Note that the meaning changes when using them with avoir as helping verb.  Download this chart as a PDF

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D descendre to go down

to take down

R rentrer to go home

to put something back into something else

M monter to go up

to put something together

to turn up the sound

to bring something upstairs

R rester to stay; to remain resté
S sortir to go out

to take out

P passer to pass by

to take a test

to pass something to someone

V venir to come venu
A arriver to arrive arrivé
N naître to be born
D devenir to become devenu
E entrer to enter entré
R retourner to go back

to turn something over

T tomber to fall tombé
R revenir to come back revenu
A aller to go allé
M mourir to die mort
P partir to leave parti

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