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Learn French with Jennifer from the comfort of your home or office via Skype™. Maximize the time you spend learning by taking private lessons. Benefit from personalized lessons tailored to your specific goals. Avoid transportation issues and save time with an online instructor. Maximize travel enjoyment by speaking the local language. Automatic and permanent access to lesson notes.

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French lessons for anglophones living in Béziers, France. Learn French with a teacher who has 20 years experience teaching French to English speakers. Individual accelerated programs. Group and individual immersion packages. All levels, beginners to advanced. DELF/DALF prep available.

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Free resources for learning French with Jennifer—your French teacher in the South of France.

Quizzes, video lessons, café conversation group, and much more all for free! Start learning today.

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TEACHERS of French

I have over 20 years of teaching experience—14 of which were in a classroom. I enjoy mixing up my methods and am constantly searching for fresh inspiration for my classes. That’s why I’ve created this section of the website specifically to help other French teachers find teaching resources.

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