Jennifer Crespin

Your French Teacher in the South of France

This is My Story

My name is Jennifer, and I’m an American living in the South of France with my family.  My native language is English, and I speak French fluently. I love to travel, and have led guided tours in 15 countries in Western Europe with my former students from the United States.  I completed a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and French, then taught French for a year and moved to France for a year before pursuing and earning a Master of Arts degree in French.  I taught French at Saint Louis University High School, a Jesuit college preparatory school for young men, for 14 years. In the summer of 2013 I relocated to France with my family, and spent the summer working as Dean of l’Académie de France in Montpellier, a French immersion program for teenagers from around the world. A while before relocating to France, I began teaching English and French online via Skype.  I and am now doing this full time, and I also give immersion classes and guided city visits in both languages in Béziers, France.

It’s my job to guide you and help you along on your journey to learn French. Learning should be fun, and I will make sure that enjoy yourself as you improve your listening, writing, reading, and most importantly your speaking skills.  Whether you decide to take conversation classes, grammar classes, tutoring sessions, or if you are preparing for an exam (DELF / DALF), over the years I have developed many creative strategies to guarantee your progress.  All students have different learning styles, different strengths and weaknesses, and different levels. One of my first jobs as your teacher is to identify the approach that will work best for you so that you will get the most out of your classes as possible.


Merci beaucoup! Jennifer is a great teacher and was very flexible with both lesson times and content. I was learning French in France and by the end of my short stay I had become more confident with pronunciation, comprehension and grammar. It was a great experience and good to have an anglophone perspective on the language.

Emily Shine

Jennifer is undoubtedly a central language professor of our time. Her approach is a satisfying, in-depth exploration into the French culture/art/language. She’s patient, flexible, organized and of course highly well-informed. New students will appreciate her clarity and command of language as well as her relentless pursuit to help each student individually with whatever goal they have set. I’ve already learned so much from her, and am eager to finish my goal of fluency with her.

Jesse Winnecke

Mme Crespin’s enthusiasm for teaching the French language and culture is infectious. Thanks to her dedication to teaching, I was able to enter college at a Junior level French conversation class. Not only did she teach the language well, but she made the class fun. Learning French transformed from something that I had to do into something that I wanted to do. Vive La France!

Joe Milliano