Irregular French Verbs Task Cards

Irregular French Verbs Task Cards

A set of 50 cards to help you practice some of the most common French irregular verbs 

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What are task cards?

On each card you’ll find a question that you can either ask yourself, and to which you will respond, or you can ask the questions to someone else who is learning to speak French.  In that way, these task cards can help you to develop your speaking skills in French.

You can also use these task cards to practice your writing skills.  Read the question asked and respond to it in writing.

Why task cards?

The answer is simple.  These task cards guide you to use irregular French verbs in ways you may not have yet seen. Exercises are a great way to learn conjugations, but sometimes you need to push yourself by responding to open ended questions.

Which verbs are used?

être aller avoir faire vouloir
pouvoir devoir savoir lire dire
écrire rire décrire voir recevoir
croire décevoir apercevoir falloir s’asseoir
surprendre prendre comprendre boire pleuvoir
venir obtenir connaître suivre mettre
permettre promettre battre couvrir ouvrir
souffrir offrir courir partir sortir
dormir servir mentir conduire peindre
craindre revenir devenir

Sample task cards

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