Fun Games to Play in French

Fun Games to Play in French

Are you a French teacher or a self-learner of French?  Whether you’re on the teaching or learning end of French you’ve got to keep it fun.  I always incorporate games in my French classes.  Playing games in French is an especially good way to build vocabulary that you otherwise may not come across in a textbook.  I’ll highlight some of my favorite group games as well as some that you can play individually.  If you’re a self-learner you may want to scroll down to GAMES FOR 1 PERSON.

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Games for 2+ people

  1.  TABOO:  I think this is my favorite game to play in French.  At the top of the card there’s a word that you have to try to get your partner to guess as you explain it.  Taboo is great for French learners at all levels.  If you’re a beginner you can use the TABOO words listed on the card.  Be sure to try your hardest to form simple sentences.  If you’re a more advanced learner you have to avoid using the TABOO words.  It’s convenient to have a set of cards in both French and English because you probably won’t know a lot of the words.
  2. VERB RACE:  This is fun in a classroom setting.  Divide the class into two teams.  One person from each team goes to the board with a marker.  You as the teacher call out a subject or subject pronoun, an infinitive and a verb tense.  For example, “TU / FAIRE / PASSÉ COMPOSÉ”.  The first student to correctly write ” TU AS FAIT” gets a point for his team.  Those two students sit down and the next two in line go to the board and do the same thing.  You can see how many versions of this game are possible.
  3.  JE N’AI JAMAIS: Students take turns saying something they’ve never done. For this part they’ll need to use their imagination and creativity! If the other members of the group haven’t ever done it either, they say “Moi non plus”. However, if they have done what the person says they have to recount their experience.
  4. DICE GAMESIt only takes a minute or two to get organized and your students will be practicing all kinds of conjugations!  Dice games work best with 3+ people.  You need two dice and everyone playing needs a sheet of paper and something to write with.  One person has a cheat sheet and acts as moderator.  On the cheat sheet you have subject pronouns numbered 1-6 and a list of verbs in the infinitive numbered 1-6.  The moderator rolls the dice.  The first die indicates the number of the subject and the second indicates the infinitive.  Students write the conjugation of the verb according to the verb tense you’re working on.  You can even put in up to 6 different verb tenses for a real challenge!
  5. 3 VÉRITÉS ET 1 MENSONGE:  3 Truths and a Lie.  Encourage students to really try to say things that the other students won’t know about them.  The more outrageous the better!  Give students a few minutes to write down what they want to say about themselves.  This could take more than a few minutes so be prepared.  This is a great listening and speaking activity.  As the teacher you could go first in front of the whole class to provide a model.  Students can then split up into small groups to play this fun game.

Games for 1 person:

  1.  20 QUESTIONS:  You know how much fun this game can be with a group, but when you’re learning on your own it’s sometimes hard to find someone else who knows how to speak French.  Try out 20Q and remember to penser en français!!  You’ll get to review all types of questions as you play and you’ll learn tons of new vocabulary.  My suggestion is to have a pen and paper ready to write them down.  You will think of an object and artificial intelligence will try to guess what you’re thinking of. The object you choose should be known by most people and cannot be a specific person, place or thing. This game can be addictive!
  2. TRIVIA CRACK:  This is a free app that you can download on Facebook or on your phone, tablet, whatever.  You can play fairly simple trivia against unknown opponents.  Here’s the fun part for you.   You can choose your language!!  You can play trivia against other French speaking people!  Who cares if you don’t understand something and you lose.  You have no idea who you’re playing against 🙂  Again, have your pen and paper ready to write down tons of new vocabulary.
  3. VRAI OU FAUX? LE GRAND QUIZ:  Here’s another app that I think you’ll enjoy.  You can play games and have fun while you study French!  There are 2 levels of difficulty and they regularly add new questions.

Do you ever play games in French?  What are some of your favorites?

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