French Subjunctive: Activity on Giving Advice

French Subjunctive:  Activity on Giving Advice

The French Subjunctive: Activity on Giving Advice

The French Subjunctive: Activity on Giving Advice

When you’re learning the French subjunctive, an activity on giving advice can be just what you need to put what you’ve learned into meaningful context. .  Forming the French subjunctive is the easy part.  Learning how and when to use it correctly is when it gets a little tricky, but that’s nothing you can’t handle.   Here is an activity on giving advice, suggestions and opinions using the French subjunctive in meaningful context.

Included you will find fourteen different situations to which you will have to respond by either making a suggestion, giving your opinion, or giving advice of some kind.  In every situation you will respond using the French subjunctive.

Use the provided list of 24 expressions that must be followed by the French subjunctive to help you get started. 3 sample responses are provided for each of the 14 situations.

Sample situation:   Ton meilleur ami doit déménager dans un autre pays, et tu vas lui manquer.

Quels conseils lui donnes-tu?  As-tu des suggestions?  Une opinion?

Sample response:   Il est important que nous gardions le contact par Skype et que nous nous écrivions toutes

les semaines sur Facebook.

The more you can actively use the French subjunctive in meaningful context the more comfortable you will feel employing it during a conversation.  The only way it will begin to feel natural is if you use the French subjunctive as often as possible when speaking French.  This activity will help you train to do just that.  Try to come up with as many bits of advice as you can when making your suggestions.  If you want to check and see if you’ve spelled the verbs correctly in the subjunctive you can check your work at this fabulous website:  Verb2Verbe

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