French Power Verb DEVOIR

 French Verb DEVOIR

 The verb DEVOIR means MUST or TO HAVE TO.  Using this verb in the conditional tense is a way to speak politely in French.

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Practice and master the verb DEVOIR with the quizlet study set below.

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Devoir:  Present tense conjugation

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Je dois

I have to

Nous devons

We have to

Tu dois

You have to

Vous devez

You have to

Il – Elle – On doit

He – She – One has to
*ON DOIT also means WE HAVE TO

Ils – Elles doivent

They have to

Devoir:  Conditional tense conjugation

Je devrais

I should

Nous devrions

We should

Tu devrais

You should

Vous devriez

You should

Il – Elle – On devrait

He – She – One should

Ils – Elles devraient

They should



Je dois manger. I have to eat.
Je ne dois pas manger. I must not eat.
Je devrais manger. I should eat.
Je ne devrais pas manger. I should not eat.


Tu dois voyager. You have to travel.
Tu ne dois pas voyager. You must not travel.
Tu devrais voyager. You should travel.
Tu ne devrais pas voyager. You should not travel.

Il / Elle / On

Il doit travailler. He has to work.
Il ne doit pas travailler. He must not work.
Il devrait travailler. He should work.
Il ne devrait pas travailler. He should not work.


Nous devons dormir. We have to sleep.
Nous ne devons pas dormir. We must not sleep.
Nous devrions dormir. We should sleep.
Nous ne devrions pas dormir. We should not sleep.


Vous devez choisir. You have to choose.
Vous ne devez pas choisir. You must not choose.
Vous devriez choisir. You should choose.
Vous ne devriez pas choisir. You should not choose.

Ils / Elles

Ils doivent gagner. They have to win.
Ils ne doivent pas gagner. They must not win.
Ils devraient gagner. They should win.
Ils ne devraient pas gagner. They should not win.

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