French ALLER Expressions

French ALLER Expressions

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1  ipaxmormpterzkzao9owrg aller à pied to go on foot
2  nhqcazqio-ecfjjnbx9a6a aller à vélo to go by bike
3  vfnc2jg-3-u4gv3r0kr43q aller en avion to go by plane
4  aryvnush9ea9zhmtabaqzg aller en train to go by train
5  rmcep0ssdmclgrj-ogfukq aller en voiture to go by car
6  ulasvcdwiwb8hs05w-ema aller en bus to go by bus
7  mxaowboxkfwxapjo4bnmcq aller en bateau to go by boat
8  yaj5svj8pxpq-xsgy7sk8q aller en métro to go by subway
9  eaxnzt23ccbnp3bgtrr3zw aller chercher to go pick someone / something up
10 afrp5je5dxrtnraupdqzaq aller à la pêche to go fishing
11  zqnrj2qhqdqzn1oyku0iug Allez-y; Vas-y Go ahead
12  fpesdd0qjz5lnnl1yjjifw s’en aller to go away
13  nfughlnpdzjccbc6nfvfag Allons-y; On y va Let’s go
14 bu3qxfe8j7cprod1cwjdpa aller bien to be doing well
15  axfbaqtxt5b6xzhadmuitg aller mal to be doing poorly
16 fpyek2r3tzyirjrkcfitgq aller jouer to go play
17  apmyfwu1-19c7eelm6heg aller faire les courses to go grocery shopping
18  7rvdke3divwrz7chbwstsg aller prendre un bain to go take a bath
19  9otenqd2k9j1eumcat0gtw aller à l’école to go to school
20  cawds-vvkdnuqfjkjqqkfa aller prendre le pain to go get the bread
21  ahpmmnbfgpgwn0o4mmogg aller en France to go to France
22  wqulyzyggn1b89nwpfnuuq aller aux États-Unis to go to the United States
23  hwn5ht-3smsxsio9ado4ua aller au Canada to go to Canada
24  hwb1-m6qwoyjoeiwecwsnq aller étudier to go study
25  mlrp-nihgmkhae70hncsg aller au marché to go to the market
26  l3eoollgnjgij4exfltaxq aller à la boulangerie to go to the bakery
27  x0agfkn6duigk25-usvpow aller au café to go to the café
28  iiamvdzo5ywuicahno-3ta aller au cinéma to go to the movies
29  0rf0fb8anowf3fgb2mro9g aller au théâtre to go to the theater
30  e-mw5dfidxeqqnvo20x-a aller au restaurant to go to the restaurant
31  rfjhrnizba2wsmd9mykwwa aller à la médiathèque to go to the library
32  ip1ifb-b9m3nfcaspfvlgw aller au travail to go to work

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French teachers and students alike will enjoy this ALLER expressions bundle of activities using the 32 expressions below.

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