30 Awesome French Adverbs

30 Awesome French Adverbs

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Watch the video lesson above to learn how to form adverbs in French, then learn this list of French adverbs and you’ll really enrich your vocabulary. Everything you say will sound better, and YOU will sound more French! Practice and master this list of adverbs down at the bottom of this page with a Quizlet study set. Would you like to take a test to know what your current level is in French?

There are also many short, common adverbs that are used all the time. Click here for a lesson on common adverbs and where to place them in a sentence.

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Click here for a list of 40 awesome French adjectives

1 clairement clearly
2 rapidement quickly
3 bien well
4 mieux better
5 fréquemment frequently
6 poliment politely
7 couramment fluently
8 brillamment brilliantly
9 mal badly
10 vite fast
11 honnêtement honestly
12 souvent often
13 lentement slowly
14 doucement softly
15 heureusement fortunately
16 malheureusement unfortunately
17 franchement frankly
18 absolument absolutely
19 vraiment really
20 récemment recently
21 suffisamment sufficiently
22 méchamment spitefully
23 précisément precisely
24 profondément deeply
25 énormément enormously
26 sûrement surely
27 calmement calmly
28 prudemment carefully
29 effectivement indeed
30 habituellement usually


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