40 Awesome French Adjectives

40 Awesome French Adjectives

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Watch the video lesson above to learn how to compare using adjectives in French, then learn this list of French adjectives and you’ll really enrich your vocabulary. Everything you say will sound better, and YOU will sound more French! Practice and master this list of adjectives down at the bottom of this page with a Quizlet study set. Would you like to take a test to know what your current level is in French?

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1 bon good
2 mauvais bad
3 joli pretty
4 gentil nice
5 fort strong
6 drôle funny
7 bizarre odd
8 effrayé scared
9 fâché angry
10 cher expensive
11 courageux brave
12 désorienté confused
13 difficile difficult
14 facile easy
15 épuisé exhausted
16 fatigué tired
17 grave totally (slang)
18 gros fat; heavy
19 impossible impossible
20 juste fair
21 libre free; available
22 meilleur better
23 moche ugly
24 navré sorry
25 pareil the same
26 pauvre poor
27 pressé in a hurry
28 prêt ready
29 ravi delighted
30 simple uncomplicated
31 sympa nice
32 tranquille calm
33 travailleur hardworking
34 triste sad
35 vide empty
36 vieux old
37 méchant mean
38 inquiet worried
39 haut high
40 bas low


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