François Crespin

French and English Teacher

This is My Story

My name is François, and I’m a dual Franco-American Citizen native from Paris. I moved to the USA as a student in the 90’s and hold a Bachelor degree from Northeastern University in Boston, and an MBA from the University of San Diego. I’ve held management level positions in the United States working for companies such as AT&T and OfficeMax Enterprise. My experience teaching English as a second language dates back to 1998! I actively participated in the creation of St Louis Language Immersion Schools (SLLIS) in 2009 —as a founding staff member and teacher. I have extensive experience teaching ESL English to both adults and kids.

Now, living back in France, I help people all over the world improve their English skills whatever their level or goals. I specialize in teaching English on Skype. My caring, professional yet relaxed approach to total English language immersion will help you progress fast—you’ll learn about American culture as well! I also teach conversational French classes. See you soon on Skype!