French Listening Comprehension Exercise: Arriving at the Airport in Paris

French Listening Comprehension Exercise:  Arriving at the Airport in Paris   Practice and master the vocabulary used in this exercise using the QUIZLET study set below. Do you want to improve your listening skills in French? Are you planning a trip...


Use of BON or BIEN Would you like to take a test to know what your current level is in French? BON – ADJECTIVE                                                                                                                                                                    BIEN – ADVERB CERTAIN VERBS + BON faire Il fait bon. The temperature is pleasant....

French Dictées – French Dictation Course

French Dictées – French Dictation Course This is a French dictation course that will help improve your French listening comprehension, writing and pronunciation. There are four chapters of French dictations spanning four different levels. Beginner Level – 15 dictations Beginner...

French Dictées – French Dictation Exercises

French Dictées – French Dictation Exercises Here are three French dictation exercises BEGINNER – ADVANCED levels. The theme for each dictée is AU MARCHÉ. Each time you move up a level the dictées become more advanced and faster. The French...


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