Use of BON or BIEN Would you like to take a test to know what your current level is in French? BON – ADJECTIVE                                                                                                                                                                    BIEN – ADVERB CERTAIN VERBS + BON faire Il fait bon. The temperature is pleasant....

French Dictées – French Dictation Course

French Dictées – French Dictation Course This is a French dictation course that will help improve your French listening comprehension, writing and pronunciation. There are four chapters of French dictations spanning four different levels. Beginner Level – 15 dictations Beginner...

French Dictées – French Dictation Exercises

French Dictées – French Dictation Exercises Here are three French dictation exercises BEGINNER – ADVANCED levels. The theme for each dictée is AU MARCHÉ. Each time you move up a level the dictées become more advanced and faster. The French...


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